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Adoption Process

10 steps to getting a Maverick Ranch puppy











step one - read our website

Please read over our website before getting in contact with us. Most answers to questions can be found on our website. 


step two - contact us

Contact us through our 'contact us' page, email us at:, or dm us on instagram @maverickranchpups

Reach out to us! Now is the time to ask us any questions you have that you can't find answers to on our website. We can help if you have any questions regarding our waiting lists, puppy availability, our application process, puppy selections, or just questions about our dogs and the breeds we raise.


step three - puppy application

Once you decide that you are seriously interested in becoming a Maverick Ranch puppy owner, the next step is to fill out our application. Please make sure everyone in your household is fully on board with getting a new puppy before filling out an application. We have given you the opportunity to ask us anything and now it's our turn to ask you some questions. Please answer the questions on your puppy application honestly and as detailed as possible. This information obtained in this application is used only for the purpose of placing a puppy and will not be used elsewhere. Please do not fill out our puppy application if we do not currently have applications open for a waiting list or specific puppy. Puppy Applications get lost in the clutter and we only really need puppy applications to be completed when we are accepting applications. Please note: By submitting this application, you are not being put on a waiting list or required to place a wait-list deposit. Only after you are approved and the deposit is received will you be added to one of our deposit/waiting lists.

When filling out your application form, please make sure the person in your family that will be purchasing the dog and signing the contracts is the person filling out the application. This will help avoid confusion when filling out paperwork later on.

Please note: applying does not ensure approval.

Please check your spam folder in your email if you have submitted an application and have not received a reply.



step four - waitlist fee

Once we have approved your application, you can can pay our deposit/waitlist fee so you can start the wait for your puppy. Please note that our waitlist fee is like a deposit. Even if you are interested in a litter that is already born, you will still need to pay the waitlist fee to secure a puppy from that litter. The waitlist fee is non-refundable. If we fail to produce an available puppy that meets your initial preferences within 18 months from the day you placed your waitlist fee, we are happy to refund your waitlist fee in full. Keep in mind, we will give you a much more accurate estimate as to when you should expect your puppy and we will do our absolute best to keep that timeline. Even with diligent preparation and planning, timelines can change due to missed heat cycles, failed pregnancies, litter size, litter health, etc so we like to make sure that our clients are committed to our waitlist.

Before placing your deposit, you will need to fill out our deposit agreement linked below. Please do not fill out this form unless we have approved you and spoken about future litter availability. This deposit agreement states the conditions pertaining to the deposit as well as a preference section describing what you are willing to accept for breed, gender, etc. Temperament is the most important trait in a dog, but we understand if you have very specific preferences. We will do our best to help you get exactly what you are looking for in your new family member.

We accept deposits via E-transfer. Other payment options can be discussed. Please contact us for specific payment details.

step five - updates

Once you have placed a deposit/waitlist fee, you will get regular updates. We will post updated pictures/videos of each litter on our website 'litters' page. You can also follow us on instagram @maverickranchpups to keep up with what's happening.

We understand the excitement of the litter being born and all of our future puppy families wanting constant updated pictures and videos. It takes a lot of our time to take quality pictures and videos of the puppies, so we organize our puppy updates and post them on our website and Instagram page for everyone to enjoy. Our instagram will have exclusive videos and pictures, so follow along! @maverickranchpups

step six - Puppy Selections

For each available litter of puppies, selections will begin at approximately 7-8 weeks of age (about 1-2 weeks before they are re-homed). We will notify waiting list families one by one in the waiting list pick order.  The higher your pick order, the more puppies you will have to select from. If you have paid our deposit/waitlist fee for a specific litter, you will be notified of the puppies that are available for you. We will send you detailed information about each available puppy. These info packets will include temperament testing evaluations, known genetic traits, updated pictures, vet health check, etc. We will also include our personal recommended puppy/puppies for your family/lifestyle.


Please note: It is our top priority to make sure that your puppy has the right temperament to succeed in your family/lifestyle. We will not allow a family to select a puppy that we see as an unsuitable match. 



Once you have selected your new puppy, the balance due for the puppy will need to be paid and you will need to sign our purchase agreement contract. Puppies must be paid in full before leaving our care.

We accept e-transfer or cash at pick-up. Other payment methods can be discussed.

Linked below is a sample copy of our purchase agreement.

STEP eight: final arrangements

Once you have successfully selected your new puppy we will begin to organize delivery and pick-up days. We offer a one day free delivery to both Saskatoon and Edmonton for most litters. Other deliveries within a reasonable distance can be arranged for an additional fee of $25/hr of driving time to cover the cost of travel. 

At this point, puppy families are expected to thoroughly read through our "Puppy Manual" page on our website. This should answer most questions about pick-up day, what you need to buy for your puppy, puppy health, nutrition, and more.

step nine - pick-up + vet check

You finally get to bring your fur baby home, and start this exciting new adventure together!

We will be sending your puppy with a 30 day free pet insurance offer from Trupanion that you will need to activate within 24 hours of picking up your puppy. All information will be given to you on pick-up day.

After you pick-up your new puppy you will have 72 hours to get him/her examined by your veterinarian for our health guarantee agreement. Linked below is the form you will need to take to the vet on the day of the appointment. You will need your vet to fill it out and then you will need to email us a scan or photo of the filled out form within 48 hours of the appointment. We will provide you with a physical copy of the form at pick-up. 

step ten - spay/neuter

Once your puppy is 12 months old you will have 6 months to get your puppy spayed/neutered. Linked below is the form that you will need to take to your vet on the day of the appointment. You will need your vet to fill it out and then you will need to email us a scan or photo of the filled out form within 14 days of the surgery. We will provide you with a physical copy of the form at pick-up.

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