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Our Story


we are a two sister team with a passion for canines, bovines, and just about anything else with four legs and a tail. We were born and raised in the prairies of saskatchewan and continue to love everything that goes along with rural living. maverick ranch started with a dream to raise beautiful, healthy dogs that could bring someone else the kind of joy and companionship they have brought us our entire lives. We are having so much fun and can't wait to see where our pack of pups takes us!

-  Madi  and   Tanna


Our first dog,  Lucky

We have had a love of animals since we can remember

We have been around animals since we were born. Our first dog was a Lab/Catahoula cross named Lucky. She was just about the best dog you could hope to grow up with. She was smart, sweet, and gentle, but don't get us wrong, she could hold her own against any threat that came into our yard. She was a constant source of love and affection to our entire family until she passed at thirteen years old. 

Born into a farm/ranch family we were blessed to be raised in the country around so many different animals. Growing up we loved nothing more than playing with farm kittens on the porch, bottle feeding a newborn calf, rounding up cows in the pasture, playing with our farm dogs, watching newborn piglets come into the world, or riding our horses at dusk. By the time we were in high school, we had our own flock of Katahdin sheep and growing herd of commercial Black Angus cattle. Our lives have always centred around animals. From a young age we were obsessed with learning about dog breeds or really anything that had to do with animals for that matter, haha! We were the kind of kids that got money from mowing an older lady's lawn and spent it all at the pet store buying treats for the dogs. Growing up on a ranch teaches you many skills from a young age. We got hands on experience that many kids aren't lucky enough to experience. We have witnessed and helped more animals come into the world than we can count, and we missed school some days because of it, haha! We have been blessed enough to watch and help calves, lambs, foals, kittens, piglets, and puppies come into this world. Although animals have taken us in many directions over the years, we couldn't be more excited about our pups. Raising dogs is a deep deep passion of ours and it is our privilege to produce furry family members for our amazing clients. 

fun facts about us

we love westerns

You can probably tell by the names of our dogs and litters that we have a soft spot for westerns. Our favourite tv western is hands down Bonanza, which was the theme for our first litter of Goldendoodles. Our western film collection only seems to grow every year, and with the amount of western films and television made in the 50's and 60's, I'm not sure it will ever stop growing, haha!

we like creative hobbies

We have always enjoyed hobbies that inspire creativity, such as painting, music, and woodworking, and two of our favourite hobbies are photography and graphic design. We are the designated "family photographers"in our family and we love taking pictures of all the animals on the ranch. We also love doing the graphic design for our website, instagram, and other projects.   

we love agriculture

Coming from a multi-generational ranching family, it's 

only natural that we love the great outdoors and all it has to offer. We have spent countless hours fixing fence, checking cows, feeding livestock, etc. and we will always have an appreciation for animal husbandry and nature. Being a rancher is more than a job title, it is a way of life. We can't imagine our lives without the beautiful land we live on and the animals that share it with us.

we name all of our cows

While most ranchers just use tag numbers to identify their cattle, we use names. We have named every cow we have ever owned, and some of the cows we don't own. Don't ask how we name them, it's a hard process to explain, haha! If we get the feeling that black baldie cow looks like a Birdie, then Birdie she shall be from that day on. Some of our favourite cows are named Snip, Vision, and Molly.

Raised with Love
Raised with Purpose

from our home to yours

Why we raise Doodles

Long story short, we raise doodles because we love the hybrid mix and truly believe they make wonderful companions and family dogs. We want to provide pet owners with a puppy that is appealing to the eye, of a low shedding coat, easy-going trainable temperament, and of course healthy. Here at Maverick Ranch, we love purebred dogs, after all purebred dogs are the base of a doodles lineage. We have always loved Golden Retrievers and they will always be one of our absolute favourite breeds. Since starting our program and getting our first standard poodle, we have also fallen in love with the Poodle. Although we believe both of these breeds are perfect just the way they are, we also believe that Goldendoodles are just as special. We believe that any dog bred with a purpose is just as valuable as any other breed or hybrid. Every breed was originally developed for some kind of purpose. Most dog breeds were created to work for us, and some of them were created just to be our companions. The purpose a litter of puppies is produced for is determined by the breeder.  Our purpose is to produce doodle puppies that have the potential to be excellent family dogs or service/therapy dogs. Although doodles are very popular, responsible breeders of doodles are rare. We do what we do so families can get a doodle puppy that was bred with the thought and effort that a responsible breeder puts into their breeding program. 


Why we raise Corgis

We have always loved Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Corgis are such fun and spunky dogs, and they have always fit in so well on our ranch! We grew up with Pembroke Welsh Corgis, but we later fell in love with look of fluffy coated Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Fluffy Corgis are the same as every other Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but they carry two copies of a recessive fluffy coat gene. Fluffy Corgis naturally occur in Registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis, but are not shown because they did not fit the ideal breed standard. Although it's important for breeders to follow a breed standard with a breeds build, looks, and temperament, we believe the fluffy coat is just as great as the standard coat. Fluffy coated corgis were originally avoided in breeding lines because breed clubs preferred the standard double-coat for working herding dogs. Few corgis today are bred or used for the purpose of herding cattle. Today Corgis are bred to be family dogs. Although, we must say, we think fluffy coated corgis make just as great of ranch dogs. What is really comes down to is a personal preference for looks. Fluffy corgis are few and far between because they are not intentionally bred in most registered corgi bloodlines. For this reason, it is our goal to preserve the fluffy coat in registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We believe they are absolutely beautiful and deserve a permanent place in the corgi world. 

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