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Your puppy will come with a puppy pack that includes many of the basic necessities including a collar, leash, dishes, poo bags, toys, etc. The following is a list of items you should pick up for your new puppy.


An ID tag is essential in finding your pet if they ever go missing. They are sold at most pet stores and can even be ordered online. 


You will likely want to pick up a harness for your puppy. Harnesses are great for walking and car travel. Our favourite brand is Ruffwear, which can be purchased online or in person at Homes Alive Pets. This harness is a little pricey so you might want to choose a cheaper option while your puppy is growing and upgrading to this brand when they are mature.


We recommend purchasing a wire crate big enough for your dog when they are full grown. Select a wire crate that comes with a divider so the kennel can grow with your puppy. Remember, too much space and your puppy will have accidents in their kennel.


We feed our puppies high quality puppy food. We will send your puppy home with a small bag of food, but you will need to pick up more food soon after bringing your puppy home.


A comfy place for your companion to rest is always a good idea. There are many places to buy dog beds. HomeSense usually has lots of dog beds at good prices. Costco also sells quality dog beds at reasonable prices. We also like PetSmart's Kong crate mats and beds.


Slicker brushes are a great tool for grooming most dogs. For doodle and fluffy corgi puppies we recommend the Chris Christensen Slicker brushes. Look for a slicker brush with long soft polished pins, so it doesn't scratch your dog while brushing.


A metal comb is a basic grooming tool every Maverick Ranch puppy owner should have. A metal comb is very useful at checking for mats on a doodle or fluffy corgi, or helping shed out a corgi. You should be able to find one at most pet stores or online. The Andis steel comb is great!


Please avoid pet store flea and tick shampoos, most contain toxic ingredients. Vet Clinics sell trusted dog shampoos. A good brand of dog shampoo is EarthBath. EarthBath even sells an ultra-mild shampoo for puppies delicate skin that is wild cherry scented. It smells great, and we trust it for our puppies! 


You will need to purchase a nail trimmer for your puppy. We recommend getting a cat nail trimmer while they are young to trim their puppy nails and upgrading to an adult dog nail trimmer when they have more mature nails. There are many high quality nail trimmers out there to choose from. Some people even like using grinders for their pet's nails. 


If you plan on using a pen with a potty area for your puppy, it isn't hard to find what you'll need. We use Yesterday's News Paper Pellet Litter. You can find it at PetSmart and Walmart, but most brands of paper litter pellets should work. A good idea for a puppy litter tray is a Droppings Pan for a Rabbit Hutch. It is large enough for a puppy to walk around, and the sides are short enough for a puppy to easily get in and out. You can find a droppings pan at most farm supply stores such as PeaveyMart. Another great option for a litter tray is a concrete mixing tub. They are smaller than a droppings pan, and have higher sides, so they work well in smaller spaces. You can find concrete mixing tubs at most hardware stores.



Some puppies and dogs are very eager eaters and practically inhale their food. Usually when they eat very fast they ingest air (aerophagia). The best case scenario is the air travels along the gut and is released as flatulence. On the other hand, air in the stomach can cause it to swell up and bloat. If that dog then runs around or plays after eating, they are at greater risk of their stomach flipping over to cause a GDV (gastric dilation and volvulus). The life-threatening condition requires emergency surgery, and even then lives are lost. A slow feeder does what it says, it slows up the ingestion of food so the dog swallows less air. 


The safest pet bowls are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel bowls are durable, dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean. Stainless steel is non-porous, which means it won't hold onto bacteria. 


When it comes to ear health with a floppy eared dog, it is best to use preventative measures. There is a good chance your dog will have an ear infection or two in their lifetime. We recommend having Zymox Enzymatic Solution on hand. Zymox helps manage problematic ears by naturally cleaning and disinfecting while also destroying even the most resistant microbes, and you can find it on amazon. Remember, if your dog has a serious ear infection please take them to the vet for treatment.


It is a good idea to desensitize your puppy to getting their teeth brushed from a young age. After they get their full set of adult teeth (usually by six months of age), you will need to make sure you are staying on top of your pet's dental health. Dental disease is very common in dogs. You can find trusted toothpastes formulated for dogs at most vet offices. 


One thing to think about when feeding your puppy treats is calories. You want your puppy to stay at a lean weight, so take into consideration the calories of the treats when feeding your puppy their meals. PureBites are great treats that contain one dehydrated ingredient like beef or chicken. Another good treat is Wellness Soft WellBites. They have good ingredients and are easy to break into small pieces for training. Please avoid Rawhide. Like anything do a little research before purchasing for your pet.


Enrichment Toys are a great way to exercise your dogs mind. Practically speaking, enrichment toys are like free training! Get your dog some extra exercise as they eat their meals by using a puzzle toy. All you have to do is fill it up, give it to your dog, and like magic your dog gets mental enrichment and physical stimulation without you having to do anything. There are many different puzzle toys on the market that have different difficulty levels for your pet. Snuffle mats, lick mats, and food stuff-able toys are great enrichment toys as well. Many pet owners will put wet dog food on a lick mat or in a stuffable toy, freeze it, and give it to their dog when crate training. We recommend the West Paw Toppl treat toy because it's easy to clean. A great place to find enrichment toys is at Homes Alive Pets online or in store.


Many dog owners want their dog to be able to tell them when they need to go for a potty break. Training your puppy to use a doorbell they can touch with their nose or paw can be the perfect solution. You can find one on amazon or in most pet stores.


We recommend using a travel crate when driving with your dog, but if not a seatbelt should be used. NEVER use a dog seatbelt with a collar, only use it with a properly fitted harness. 


If you plan on travelling with your dog using a seatbelt, a pet seat cover is a good idea. It can keep your seats from being damaged by your dog. Some puppies and dogs suffer from car sickness, so a waterproof seat cover can make clean-up easier. We recommend the hammock style so your puppy or dog doesn't fall down off the backseat while driving.


It is always a good idea to take a puppy class whether it be in person or online. Training classes give you lessons to implement when training your pup. Some people are just too busy to join an in-person puppy class or they want their whole family to take part. Baxter & Bella is an online training course that your whole family can use to train your puppy in your own home. Maverick Ranch has partnered with Baxter & Bella to give you a 25% off discount code. Our Discount code is MAVERICK. Click the link below to learn more about Baxter & Bella.

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